CRM Upgrade

Solution Audit

The Dynamics CRM Application Platform is highly extensible, with immediate value realised through a solution fully supported by Microsoft. Implementations can sometimes break this support model, and provide limited or expensive upgrade paths, tying customers in to a single solution provider. This Audit offering will provide a clear measure of the Supportability and the upgrade path for the current solution, and provide clear timescales and costs to bring the solution into the support and upgrade model defined by Microsoft.

The output from the Audit may be used with an existing supplier, or a new supplier, to provide enable the solution to be aligned with Microsoft's Support and Upgrade criteria. Synchronicity Systems will, of course, be delighted to perform this activity, but this is not a pre-requisite for the Audit.

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Detailed Solution Review

Following an Audit, a Detailed Solution Review can provide full solution technical documentation, support processes and training plans.

Support Services

Following implementation of a solution, or following a detailed solution review, Synchronicity Systems can provide a support plan for first, second or third line support as required.